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How can I join the program and get access to the exclusive competitions and prizes?

To take part in the program and start playing in the Visa competitions, you need to apply for a FACEIT Visa Debit card issued by Gazprom Bank. 

How can I get my FACEIT VISA card?

In order to get your FACEIT Visa card, you need to apply through the GazpromBank website here and fill the application form by connecting your FACEIT account. Once the application is complete, if approved you will receive your card in 1-5 working days. Please note that access to the program is only available for users located in Russia. 

Where can I see my application status? 

Once you have been approved by Gazprombank, you can see your application status on this page

How can I start playing in the VISA competitions?

Once you have received your card, you will be able to immediately start your 14-day trial period, during which you will have the chance to join and compete in all Visa and Gazprombank competitions that have Faceit Point as prizes only. To join and play into the competitions with cash prizes, you will need to be a qualified player by spending at least 3,000₽ each calendar week on your Gazprombank FACEIT card (calendar week goes from Monday to Sunday midnight MSK time)

Does my profile country need to be set to Russia?

Yes, your profile country needs to be set to Russia to be eligible to compete in Visa ladders.

How can I join and play competitions after my trial period has expired?

Once your trial period is expired, you need to be a qualified player (cardholder) in order to keep playing in Visa Gazprombank FACEIT competitions by spending at least 3,000₽ each calendar week on your Card (calendar week goes from Monday to Sunday midnight MSK time). Qualified players can join all tournament types with, with prizes being either cash or FACEIT Points. 

How will I receive my prizes?

When you win FACEIT Points as prizes, you will get these Points accredited directly to your FACEIT balance within 24 hours of the competition ending. If you have won a prize in real cash, you will receive the prizes directly on your Gazprombank account within 21 days of the next month.

What can I spend my FACEIT Points on?

FACEIT points can be spent in our FACEIT Shop. In addition to that, players who are part of the VISA program will get access to a special shop section ( where they will get access to special and unique items. 

Who can play?

Only users over the age of 18 and residing in Russia are eligible to take part in the VISA Gazprombank program.

What games are available?

Currently, CS:GO and Dota 2 are available for the program.

Why am I not placed in the ladders?

Please ensure that you have the correct address defined on your FACEIT profile according to where you live. You can find your address at the bottom of the page.

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