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The VISA-Gazprom Bank partnership is an esports program developed for Russian players by FACEIT, Visa and Gazprom Bank. It features daily matchmaking ladders and tournaments across CS:GO and Dota 2, offering more than $450,000 worth of prize money over three months.

Here’s a list of the most important links related to the program, so you can learn and begin playing in these exclusive competitions:

Gazprombank FACEIT VISA card page. From here you will be able to apply and order your special VISA FACEIT card and getting access to unique competitions and prizes

Program page on FACEIT. Once you have got your special FACEIT Visa card, from this page you will be able to check your status and control what content you can get access to

Gazprombank organizer page on FACEIT. This is the official organizer page of Gazprombank on FACEIT. Make sure to follow and get continuous updates about the program. 


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