Setting up the tournament schedule

How do I edit the schedule settings?

To edit these settings, navigate to the “Settings” tab on the main menu. Next, select the “Tournament structure” section.


Got access? You need to have at least tournament Admin permission to edit these settings.

Tournament schedule

Sign-up open and close times

Teams can join between the sign-up open and sign-up close dates/times.

Check-in times

  • Tournament teams that sign up, may not always show up and participate in your tournament
  • Check-in times helps to prevent this and ensures tournament teams are ready to play in your tournament
  • All players automatically receive an email when check-in opens
  • To check-in, team captains click the "Check-in" button on the tournament overview page

Check-in clear

Teams that do not check-in within the check-in clear time frame are removed from the tournament.

This allows other teams to sign up and fill their slot (usually 30 minutes before the signup period closes)

If a team that missed the check-in clear deadline turns up before sign-ups close and the tournament has free slots left, they can still sign up again to play in the tournament.

Round times


The tournament start time is the date & time of the first round.

Depending on the tournament format, you can select ASAP (As Soon As Possible). ASAP matches start as soon as the previous matches finished and have a winner.

You may decide to play all rounds on one day, or to schedule rounds for specific days and times.

Solo queue


The solo tournament queue allows players to participate in the tournament, even if they don't have a full team.

Match Rescheduling

  • Teams can submit a proposal to change the match time to the opposing team captain.
  • The other team captain can accept or make a counter proposal from the tournament match room.
  • Allowing teams to reschedule match times helps reduce automatic wins for teams unable to play.

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