Setting up tournament join settings

Tournament join settings

To edit the requirements for players and teams to join a tournament, navigate to the “Settings” tab on the main menu. Then select the “Tournament details” section.


Got access? You need to have at least tournament Admin permission to edit these settings.

Require invitation to play / Invite only tournaments


Enable this setting to only allow players that you invited to join the tournament with their chosen team.

Inviting players


To invite players, navigate to the “Admin” tab and select the sub-menu tab “Invites”.

You can only invite players on your friend's list at this time.


Once invited, the player will see a notification on the play menu.

Skill level limitations

Creating a tournament with skill level limitations is the best way to create meaningful competitions and benefit from the relative rating system.

Offering multiple tournaments for different skill levels and with different prize pools will help you engage lower skill level, tournament players.

Country and Region Limits


Countries allowed

By adding all relevant countries you are indirectly able to limit joining from countries. The checks performed to join a tournament can be done on two different levels:

Geographic location - The latest IP address of the user is used to join the tournament. Players signing up their team may not be able to join your tournament if one of them last logged in from a PC that is located in a not allowed country.

Player profile - The country flag on a player user profile is used. This is based on the user’s address set on the user profile settings.

Country exceptions per team

To keep things running smoothly, you may decide to allow teams some flexibility with their roster. You can allow some exceptions for joining from the countries list.

Organizers have found that allowing some player country exceptions increases sign up numbers and reduce team drop-out numbers.

Tournament tickets

Players can purchase a ticket to join your tournament.

This join setting is limited to partner organizers. Please contact FACEIT Partnerships to get access.

Organiser subscription

Players can use an active organiser subscription to join your tournament.

This join setting is limited to partner organisers. Please contact FACEIT Partnerships to get access.


You can allow teams to list additional players. This option is available to teams until sign-ups close.

You need to set a limit of swaps each team can make over the course of the tournament. Setting a high number gives teams more freedom over their roster.

How do players activate their substitutes?

The main roster stays the same throughout the tournament. At the match start, teams have 3 minutes to update their roster for that match. If no action is taken, the official roster is used.

Admin action to add or remove substitutes after the start

If substitutes are enabled, tournament admins can still add or remove substitutes after the tournament started.

You can also change the default roster. This action is available from the “Teams” menu tab and by clicking on the setting next to the team you are looking to manage.

You can only add new players to a team if the player is currently part of the FACEIT team (and the player shows up on their team page).

Read more about tournament subs


You can allow teams to list their coach.

The coach does not act as a substitute.

This means that the coach can not swap for a player on the roster.

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