Setting up prizes

How do I add FACEIT points to my tournament?

Please note - You need to have at least tournament Admin permission to set up prizes.

On the tournament settings, head to the "Prizes" section. Then you can add FACEIT Points from your existing balance.

If you don't have any or enough FACEIT points and you would like the ability to purchase them, you can reach out to the FACEIT Partnerships Team here with the information about your organization and the event you're planning to run.

If you're given this ability, you need to click the button labelled "Add to your balance" and follow the instructions on the pop-up window. After purchase, close the purchase modal, add the FACEIT points to the positions and save your changes.


Are prizes paid out automatically?

Yes. FACEIT points are paid out 24 hours after the tournament finished.

Can I add other prizes than FACEIT points to the prize pool?

Potentially, yes. Only trusted partners are able to freely add custom prizes to tournaments.

To add custom prizes (anything other than FACEIT points) to your tournament, please contact your Partnerships Team representative, apply to become a partner or reach out to them here.

I need to add/remove a group. Will the prize pool stays the same?

The total prize pool for your tournament you added will never change automatically.

If you change the number of groups, prizes are redistributed between the new number of groups you set.

If teams haven't joined yet, you can adjust the prizes for each group from the prize settings.


  • I have 2 groups with the first prize of 1000 FACEIT points.
  • I now double the number of groups to 4. Each first prize will now receive 500 FACEIT points.
  • The same happens to the prizes of all other positions.

The tournament started. Can I still edit the prize pool?

You can edit the prizes up until the first players/teams have joined.

This is to prevent last-minute prize pool changes that may leave participants disappointed or playing in a tournament based on false pretences.

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