No invite to WOT match room lobby

Not invited to the match room lobby. What shall I do?

If you’re not receiving an invite to the match lobby after opening World of Tanks (WoT), this means you’re playing on a different WoT ID than the one you have registered with FACEIT.

Check which account you have registered on FACEIT

To find the WoT account registered on your account, go to your game settings page, find World of Tanks in the list and make note of your account name.


Head on over to the corresponding website for your game region (NA, EU, RU)  and paste your account name into the search box. This will provide you with your Wargaming ID.

Ensure the ID is the same as the account you’re playing on. 

The WoT ID is correct

If the account you’re playing on is the correct one, you will need to follow the guide listed on the Wargaming website to resolve the issue. 

When a match is created on the FACEIT platform, each server receives a whitelist of WoT ID’s, which are the only ones allowed to join the server. This safety measure ensures only players in the match may connect to the server. 

The WoT ID is not correct

If the WoT account you’re currently on is different from the one added on your FACEIT account, you’ll need to log into that account if you wish to play on the FACEIT platform. 

Unfortunately, if you do not have access to the WoT account connected to your FACEIT account, you’ll need to contact our support team to deactivate your current account, enabling you to create a new account on the correct.

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